Opening up another chapter in The Gun Dog Notebook


We are here! It’s been quite a long journey since starting The Gun Dog Notebook and my young Labrador, Polished Ruger, aka Ruger has been the pinnacle of my dog training career thus far. I’ve felt a calling to explore and chart my path in the gun dog world and its been a chase in the right direction. Throughout the tenure of this adventure I have embraced my calling as a young, curious dog trainer with the passion to engage in the shooting sportsmen’s lifestyle. This journey has allowed me to reach guests that have really informed and molded my understanding of my own practice, and I have gathered a listening audience that seems to be captivated by the content that I produce and I love you all for that.

On top of that, a Dog Food sponsorship from a company, The Pride Dog Food, who thoroughly supports my vision and endeavors. They even call to check and see how its working for my dog and ask for any other thoughts on the products. Even deeper, I feel the conclusion of a major chapter in my life, trusting God, my wife, my dog, and my gut to make The Gun Dog Notebook a sustainable career journey that is constantly growing in its reach to encourage those individuals that may or may not look like me, but still want to shoot birds over classy shooting dogs.

My vision has been my own thus far, and I have experienced a limitless amount of blessings that come when you follow your faith like you follow the nose of your gun dog. There are times of adversity, and times when things don't make sense, but that’s dog training, and that’s life. You never know where the birds are; so what makes you think you have the answers. This is a new chapter for The Gun Dog Notebook, and because of that I am releasing an actual gun dog Moleskine field notebook! It is a tribute to my original composition books. My notebooks were truly the beginning of my journey, of this whole idea, of this whole brand. Before I had my dog, before I shot a bird, before I even went on a hunt—I had my notebook. The Gun Dog Notebook is my passion project and I intend to expand on my thoughts and ideas and narrate my story and the blessing that follow my young Labrador’s pink nose. And even better, we’ve started this season off with 5 doves in the bag…Happy hunting!


photo: Josh Same

Durrell SmithComment